Ingo has strong analytic skills, and can operate effectively at the strategic and operational level. He grew into our team very quickly and was a pleasure to work with.
Dorje Mundle, Head Corporate Citizenship Management
Novartis International AG, Switzerland

His trusting personality ensured a very good rapport with our employees. His work was so refreshing and successful. Due to his highly professional and innovative approach, we learned much about our strength and weaknesses.  It was a pleasure to work with Ingo, and we would be very happy to consult with him again if a new need arises. Because ultimately, his support helped to make our firm more competitive.

Cornelia Affolter, Head of Human Resources
Tschantré AG, Switzerland

I hired Ingo to conduct background research for me as part of my consulting work for the World Bank and the Asia Development Bank. I was missing key background statistics and wanted his help in filling gaps in the literature about trends and current challenges facing higher education systems in Asia. I was working under a tight deadline and was pleased that Ingo agreed to assist me in this research.  Ingo showed an excellent grasp of the issues involved, quickly and skillfully identified and tabled the relevant information, and presented a concise portfolio of exactly what I needed. His work made an important contribution to both the quality and timeliness of the studies I was conducting.  His work made my own consulting work much easier.

Prof. Dr. David W. Chapman, Birkmaier Professor of Educational Leadership
University of Minnesota, USA

I had the great pleasure of working with Ingo as a co-author on a research article on which he took the lead that was subsequently published in Human Resource Development Review. I was so impressed with the quality of his work. His insights into human and corporate characteristics have moved the field of HRD in a new direction. His cognitive awareness and synthesizing skills created the basis for an outstanding article. I work frequently with international professionals, and writing is often a concern. Not so with Ingo. He articles beautifully and his technical language skills are very good. It was a joy to work together on this project, and I look forward, personally, to having further opportunities of this sort with Ingo in the future.
Prof. Dr. Gary N. McLean, Senior Professor and Executive Director of International HRD Programs
Texas A&M University, USA


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